Finding The best Empower Network Bonus On The Internet Today

Finding The best Empower Network Bonus On The Internet Today

Empower Network Bonus

If you’ve made the wise decision to invest in David Wood and David Sharpe’s Empower Network, then congratulations. For as low as $25, you’re going to have access to the largest and most powerful viral blogging system on the planet. Enabling you to generate 100 Free leads a day and make lots of upfront cash in your business.

Empower Network Bonus


It’s about to get even better because if you join Empower Network from this very page you are on right now, I am going to give you up to $928.00 in Free bonus’s.

Why have I’ve decided to create such an insane offer? It’s simple, I’m working toward becoming one of the top 20 affiliate’s within the Empower Network community. But unless I have an irresistible offer for people who join through my link, why would they?

Which is why I’ve decided to offer up to $841.97 in Free Bonuses when you join “Empower Network” from this page. I want you on my team and I am prepared to pay for it. So my business partner and I have spent the past 2.5 weeks, working day in and day out, to put together the hottest Free Empower Network Bonus out there…. PERIOD.

Here is what you are gonna get when you join my team: So there are three different entry levels that you can come in at with empower network. Which means we have designed 3 unique bonus offers for each level of commitment.

Empower Network Bonus Pack #1

Basic Membership - $25 /month

1) 30 High quality Articles (directly deposited daily or in bulk) $147.00 Value

Empower Network’s viral blogging system is all about content marketing. Having fresh, unique, and valuable content everyday is key to getting tons of Free traffic with this strategy. Which is why we have found a way to deposit high quality content directly to your Empower Network blog on auto-pilot. This will save you tons of time and get you off to a fast start right out of the gate.

2) Instant Access to our “Critical Success Membership Site” $97.00 Value

3) Support & Ongoing Trainings

Empower Network Bonus Pack #2

Basic Inner Circle Membership Upgrade - $125 /month

1) 60 High quality Articles (these values are based on $5 per article) $297.00 Value

2) Instant Access to the “Critical Success Membership Site” $97.00 Value

This is where you will learn basic Search Engine Optimization. Which basically means manipulating the search engines to get higher rankings is Google search. Obviously higher rankings will result in more traffic and the more traffic you have to your Empower Network blog the more leads and sales you will make.

3) Support & Ongoing Training

4) 30 Minute Consultation With Me $97.00 Value

Now I am certainly no David Wood or David Sharpe, however my experience has put me in the top 3% of marketers online today. And I definitely know what it takes to get lots of traffic and leads online. But you must promise to not share what you learn in this consultation with just anybody as these tactics could be dangerous if left in the wrong hands.

Empower Network Bonus Pack #3

Basic Inner Costa Rica Intensive

$125 /month & $500 once

This bonus is what really separates the serious entrepreneur from the masses. Which is why I have put together the sickest package possible for you when you come it at this level. You ready for this?

1) 120 High quality Articles - Yes! Four full months of high quality unique content deposited directly to your Empower Network blog on complete auto-pilot. More SEO optimized content means more traffic, leads and cash flow for you. $597.00 Value

2) Instant Access to the “Critical Success Membership Site” **Note: You can leverage this site to the people you bring into the Empower Network as a bonus. Pretty sweet, huh? $97.00 Value

3) Support & Ongoing Trainings

4) A Full 60 Minute Consultation with me $197.00 Value

5) Complete SEO Promotion Blast to one of your blog posts & videos every month. $37.00 Value

I own a complete arsenal of high level SEO tools and will do a complete promotional blast to any one of your articles once per month.

To sum it up, I have made a serious commitment to provide the best empower network bonus available on the internet. Which is why you want to seriously consider joining my team. I am invested in your success with this business.

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